Currier Engineering is a company dedicated to the design and development of
precision, state of the art, high power cavity oscillators and amplifiers.  Our
commitment to high reliability and minimum maintenance is reflected in the
unique and innovative designs of our products.  Our materials and
workmanship are of the highest quality and our 100% inspection system
assures our customers of the best products in the marketplace.
Check out our model GP5000.  This
versatile 5 KW self-contained generator of
RF pulsed power covers the frequency
range of 220 MHz to 5 GHz.  Controls are
provided for continuous adjustment of peak
power, pulse width and repetition rate.
Currier Engineering specializes in custom
design cavity oscillators and amplifiers to
fit all your high power microwave needs,
up to 100 KW and beyond.  We also
manufacture a line of directional couplers
for 20 KW and 100 KW applications.
In addition to new and used model PH40KB and PG5KB
generators, we also manufacture plug-ins for these
mainframes, which can be customized to fit your
frequency and power needs.  Currier Engineering also
supports, repairs, and overhauls generators and plug-in
cavity oscillators manufactured by Applied Microwave,
Epsco, Lucas and SierraCom.
Have a special requirement?  Give us a call and talk it over.  We will be glad to quote any
custom designs or requirements.

Currier Engineering
Your single source for high power microwave pulse generators